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4th Grade Boys          

Coach - Terrance Felder 

Admin - Terrance Felder

Coach - Tobin Anderson

Admin - Mary Marchina


5th Grade Boys

Coach - Kevin Bullock 

Admin - Kevin Bullock


6th Grade Boys

Coach - Tom Hiem

Admin - Tom Hiem

Coach - Tre Beaman

Admin - Kim Ramos


6th Grade Girls

Coach - Kelli Dunlay
Admin - Mr Keane


7th Grade Boys

Coach - Jamie Most

Admin - Irene Lawlor 

Coach - Trevor Williams

Admin - Gary Javier


8th Grade Boys

Coach Matt Basile

Admin - Anne Martin




8th Grade Girls

Coach - Roz Worsley

Admin - Jean Marie Mohr


9th Grade Boys

Coach - Lenny Rinaldi

Admin - Lenny Rinaldi


9th Grade Girls

Coach - Matt Sullivan

Admin - Matt Sullivan


10th Grade Boys

Coach - Tony Wooten

Admin - Leslie Bishun


10th Grade Girls

Coach - Kelli Dunlay

Admin - Kari Sharry


11th Grade Boys

Coach - Tony Wooten

Admin - Leslie Bishun


11th Grade Girls

Coach - Roz Worsley/Wooten

Admin - Carolyn Travers

The Rockland Rockets Basketball Program

The Rockland Rockets AAU Basketball program is looking for qualified Head and Assistant Coaches for various age groups for boys and girls teams.

Our goal is to find those individuals that can organize, teach and give quality instruction during practices, which is key to preparing the teams for very competitive tri-state area play. 

Our season runs from March thru mid-June. Based on the age group, each team will participate in 5 to 7 tournaments.

As a coach, you'll need to work hard to keep up their spirits and their motivation as well as evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them improve their game.

Coaches are responsible for the training and development of athletes and the overall team.

Are You Ready To...?

  •  Help motivate players to reach their goals 
  • Develop personal relationships with players 
  • Plan and oversee practices
  • Instruct groups or individuals in the basics of basketball
  • Demonstrate techniques
  • Use your knowledge of physiology and corrective techniques to help players improve their game
  • Find and recruit potential athletes
  • Travel often for tournaments

It helps to be a flexible and resourceful athlete who knows the game inside and out. You'll also need to be an excellent communicator and a leader who cares about others.

If you are interested in being considered as a Rockland Rocket Coach for the upcoming season, please contact the appropriate Division Vice President for more information.